Georgina Wilson-Powell

Editor of pebble magazine. Fashion, food, travel and design with an ethical edge.

Editor of pebble magazine, a new stylish sustainable lifestyle magazine that covers food, fashion, travel and design with an ethical edge. Also freelancer for hire covering travel, lifestyle, food and anything else that takes my fancy. Magazine junkie, yoga addict and fairweather runner.

What Do These Ethical Labels Really Mean?

Confused between Fairtade, Fair for Life, organic, ethical? Want to know what you're really putting in your basket in the supermarket? Let's demystify some of the thinking behind the labels shall we?
04/10/2017 17:21 BST

Why I Hate Sustainability

Surely no words have made people switch off faster (apart from maybe mortgage rates or fiscal tax policy). People equate them with pious bores who judge how much toilet paper you use or that glamping experience you thought was going to be like Swiss Family Robinson but was actually just a cold MDF shed with a candle and nowhere to cook.
15/05/2017 17:17 BST

Seven Delicious Ways To Reduce Food Waste

Food waste costs the average person in the UK £200 every year. We throw away a whopping 19% of food we buy, which adds up to 7 million tonnes per annum according to campaigners Love Food Hate Waste
24/03/2017 11:38 GMT

Why We Should All Be Drinking Natural Wine

"Even those who are big foodies, who watch what they eat, don't actually think about what is in their wine glass. The wine industry is full of the same big brand issues that exist in the rest of the food world, it's just that most people have never thought about it," says Legeron, who has written one of the definitive books on natural wines.
03/03/2017 13:53 GMT

5 Questions You Need To Ask Before Volunteering Abroad

No matter how old you are, spending time working abroad and helping a local community or environment, is always worth doing. But how do you make sure you get the most of out of the trip and ensure the projects you're working on make a real difference?
27/02/2017 13:29 GMT

How To Build A Tiny Home And Live A More Simple Life

Creating her own environment and giving up living in the rat race has given her a new lease of energy and a completely different take on life. It sounds almost too good to be true. "I feel more free, and every morning I wake up and I am surrounded by nature, seasons, skies, plants, sounds, animals. It's beautiful and it feels like how it was always meant to be."
09/02/2017 12:58 GMT

Ways To Make Your Holiday More Sustainable

2017 has been dubbed the year of sustainable tourism and development by the UN's World Tourism Organisation (UNWTO). No longer a quirky aside or limited to the odd off-grid eco-lodge, going green when going abroad is where it's at.
12/01/2017 16:23 GMT