Glen Matten

Nutritionist, writer and full-on foodie

With a Masters Degree in Nutritional Medicine, and a predilection for good food, Glen is a nutrition nerd and full-on foodie in equal measures; an inimitable mash-up that saw him combining nuggets of nutritional knowledge with some stonking recipes in his first book The 100 Foods You Should be Eating.

But, there’s more to Glen’s repertoire than a few decent dishes, namely his conviction that our diet and lifestyle holds the true key to resolving the majority of our modern-day health woes. Frustrated by the mire of misinformation out there, and impassioned to bring rock-solid advice to the general public, Glen’s second book was conceived; The Health Delusion is a myth-busting, no-holds barred account of what has gone wrong with our collective health and how we can put it right.

Glen’s fresh approach to nutrition has let to frequent forays into the media, and as well as being an established writer, he has made numerous TV and radio appearances. He can also be found airing his views at his blog site