Hannah Gal

Award winning filmmaker, writer and artist

Hannah's writing, photography, film and illustration credits include The Independent, MacWorld, Photo District News, The British Journal of Photography, MTV, MacUser, SKY, BBC1, CNN, The New Yorker, Adobe, Apple, PhotoshopCreative, The Guardian, HollywoodShorts, Edinburgh festival and The Artist among others.

Hannah was nominated for the Beck’s Futures Prize and has been the subject of artist profiles on, BBC, and MTV.

She is the author of several art books and has given talks for Apple (London store), the Media Trust, Adobe and Corbis.

Described by Brief Encounters as a 'groundbreaking filmmaker', Hannah shot her Adobe commissioned film Breathe, entirely under water.
The film's worldwide screenings include Edinburgh, Foyles and the ICA, Channel4 and Hollywood Shorts. This 'disturbingly beautiful' short was followed by the documentary Hollow Men based on the life of Leon Greenman (An Englishman in Auschwitz), parts of which were screened on BBC1.

Hannah's film Savage brought her take on America's worst ever recorded child abuse case. The film was supported by the UK Film Council, merited a call from Spielberg's On The Lot, and
following an Edinburgh festival screening, won Hannah a recommendation for the Sundance feature film program.

Hannah is currently working on a shorter edit for My Friend The End and researching a documentary about domestic abuse.

Hannah seeks reason and great coffee wherever she goes. Wishes she was born earlier so she could see Richard Pryor and George Carlin live. Follows Sam Harris, Richard Dawkins and among others. Loves creativity, music and film, bitterly disappointed by visual art.