Harbir Singh

The first osteopath in history to be on the Olympic medical (antidoping) team.

Sport Performance Subject Expert : Commentator for the BBC , the world’s leading public service broadcaster. Osteopath to Athletes. Helping improve the health of the nation.

Five Ways To Beat Back Pain In Under 60 Secs

Deep Heat has become a part of every household as have heat balms and sprays. Although these can offer relief they don't heat up the muscle, they only produce the sensation of heat which acts as a distraction to block out pain.
26/10/2017 17:06 BST

Let's Not Forget Justin Gatlin Is Human Like The Rest Of Us

His moment on the podium could have been the moment which made all of the challenges worthwhile. Instead, he will be remembered by most, as the two-time drug cheat, who beat bolt and was booed. Let's not forget, he's human like the rest of us, there are two sides to every story and we've moved on from being spectators at gladiator games in ancient Rome.
20/08/2017 21:04 BST