Harry Walker

Harry. Harold. Hazzer. Haz.

I'm Harry. Just Harry. Just... just Harry.

I started writing things when I was really young. I can't remember how old I was when I wrote my first word, but I distinctly remember being VERY happy when I drew the letter 'A' once, which took up a whole side of A4. And that was only six months ago. Zing.

I enjoy politics; the chaos is fascinating. I'm a bit of a film and TV buff - Breaking Bad IS the best television drama ever made. Not the Wire. Close, but no cigar.

I love burgers. God, I love burgers. Whenever I go out for a family meal now it's not even a word anymore, it's like this primitive, troglodyte noise. BUHRGUH. I also love beer. But there's one sweetheart of mine - like that first love; y'know the one that you never forget and that always makes your stomach go funny - that tops the rest. She is drum and bass.

That's all I am. Harry. Hah. Ree. Or Harold, if you know me well. Or even if you don't know me well.

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