Holly Leppard

Founder of 'Don't Judge Just Feed' Support Network. Mother, Matenity Nurse, Wife, Writer.

Holly Leppard founded her 'Don't Judge Just Feed' campaign and support network in 2016 as a direct result of the PND she suffered from her inability to breastfeed. In writing about her feeding journey she was shocked at the amount of women who contacted to thank her for speaking out on this topic. "It made me realise how common these emotions are, and how the breastfeeding journey is challenging at best, devastating at worst. I sadly had a lot of backlash from people who didn't understand my viewpoint or relate to my experience. I was disgusted at the very blinkered attitude of the very pro-breastfeeding representatives and organisations. They just could not sympathise with - or believe - the reasons a mother may rely on a bottle-feeding method, in particular, formula feeding. This is when I realised I needed to be a voice for mother's and babies who depend on this method of nutrition." Holly is invited to participate in the APPG on Infant Feeding and Inequalities. She writes and collaborates with a variety of parenting and opinion sites.