Hugh Salmon

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Hugh's advertising career began as a graduate trainee at Ogilvy & Mather in London. After a two-year break publishing SFX, his idea for a music magazine on audio cassette, Hugh returned to advertising. At the age of 31 Ogilvy enticed him back to manage Ogilvy Thailand, an office of nearly 400 people.
After the announcement of the 'doi moi' reform policy, he was one of the first Western businessmen to visit Vietnam at a time when US companies were still embargoed from doing so. This led to the opening of Ogilvy in Ho Chi Minh City and made Ogilvy, the number one agency in Asia, the first into Vietnam.
On returning to London, Hugh was appointed Managing Director of CM:Lintas. In 1999, he launched his own company, The Salmon Agency, which has evolved into an 'upstream' innovation and marketing consultancy for clients including the NHS.
He has been recognised as 'respected throughout the industry' in the Campaign magazine 'A List' of Who's Who in Marketing and Advertising.
Hugh is a co-founder of and co-author of a children's picturebook 'Do As You Would Be Done By', which is how he likes to live.