Empowering the next generation of journalists.

The IPF empowers the next generation of journalists to tell the stories that they think should make it onto the news agenda.

With more than 300 contributors from over 50 countries, we provide a platform for young people to shine a light on the voices behind the headlines. We work with our contributors to help them effectively tell stories from their countries by giving them the tools they need to flourish as journalists and storytellers.

Founded in 2012, the IPF originally started as a blogging platform for young people to share their thoughts and opinions on international events. We were the winners of the Virgin Media Pioneers trip to India to meet Richard Branson and have run projects like Libyan Youth Voices, which garnered international attention.

Through the IPF, young people have been given the chance to not only practice real-world journalism, but have also played a role in shining a light on important stories from around the world that we may not get to hear. From politics and human rights to the environment and sport, the IPF is as diverse as our readers.

In a world where the media is run by a select group of people, the IPF is here to put the power back in young people’s hands. We aim to give all our contributors the guidance they need to tell the stories they care about – and do so in a way that grabs the attention of people around the world. The IPF believes that everyone has an important story to tell. We want to enable young people to find and tell these stories.