Jaki Scarcello

Author of Fifty & Fabulous!The Best Years of a Woman's Life

50+ Vitality Advocate
Author and Advocate for Aging Fabulously and Fearlessly, Jaki has supported and facilitated the working lives of baby boomers through the workplaces of their thirties, their midlife career changes and now their transition to post retirement activities. Her goal is to engage the boomers in the later stage of life as purposefully, energetically and fabulously as every other stage.

Jaki is spreading the word with a three pronged attack

• Fifty and Fabulous! The Best Years of a Woman’s Life, published in the UK by Watkins 2010, distributed in the North America by Sterling, Fabulosas aos Cinquenta, published by Platano Editora 2011, Fabulosa aos 50, published by Companhia Editora Nacional 2012.

Jaki blogs wildly at her own site and guest blogs on the following:

Jaki has been rated “Best of Vibrant Nation” 2011 and 2010 and has frequently been rated “Most

Popular Post of the Month”.

• Fifty+ Fabulation Workshop Events held in major cities across the U.S. and Canada. A day that can change a life forever though the exploration of Gerotranscendence.

• Transitional Coaching. offering women exploring life 50+ one on one support and guidance.

Currently Jaki is working on her next book which explores the male 50+ experience of aging.

Managing Director and Creator, a web based problem solving tool which optimizes the skills and experience within an organization for sharing real answers and learning to improve thinking and performance. Think of it as an internal goggle answers.

Founder, Senior Consultant at FPS Consulting, Facilitating Profit with Spirit, a consulting and coaching practice located in Hermosa Beach California. FPS offers the talent without the cumbersome machinery. In 2012 FPS celebrates 10 years of building better leaders and creating superior organizational cultures across the U.S. and Canada.

Clients have included: Option One Mortgage, Riverside Charitable, Showtime Networks, Sears Canada, Canadian Tire Corporation, California Tradewinds, Alton Missouri School District, Black Photo Corporation.

Top producing consultant with Forrest & Company, a leadership and strategy consulting practice in Toronto, Canada. Jaki was valued by her clients for her skill in aligning business vision and strategy to individual behaviour. Among other significant projects, Jaki led the sale, design and implementation of TLC, The Leadership Coach™. TLC helps organizations develop a coaching model, tools and processes, in alignment with the business strategy. TLC facilitates the kind of conversations which promote the achievement of stretch goals.

Sears Canada has used to TLC to create workplace environments which meet and exceed customer’s expectations.

Clients also included: Sun Microsystems, Cedara Software Corporation.

A leader on the collaborative team that designed and implemented CTAL U, one of Canada’s first Corporate Universities. CTAL U took organizational learning at Canadian Tire Corporation, Canada’s most shopped
retailer, to a premier level. For Canadian Tire employees, CTAL U gave the words “learning organization” plan, form and action. CTAL U continues to play a vital role in bringing Canadian Tire Call Centres, best in class recognition.

Internal Learning Consultant at Canadian Tire Acceptance Limited (currently operating as Canadian Tire Financial Services) Jaki was regarded as a cause/purpose oriented manager who delivered practical and innovative solutions. In 1995, the Financial Services Division experienced tremendous growth which was complicated by the Division’s remote geographical location. In response to this challenge, Jaki created an internal, self directed career development system. CDS is still a valued workplace tool and continues to positively impact employee satisfaction and retention rates. Designer and General Manager of a network of innovative Community Career Centres (operating as a division of the Business Education Council of Niagara) which served at risk youth and adults in four educational districts. The programs which Jaki and her staff designed were the first of their kind and established a standard for career education which has been modelled across Canada.

Jaki’s innovative leadership, in the Community Career Centres, distinguished the BEC as a not for profit organization which became sustainable through self sufficient community programming.

Jaki has taken on the challenges of people and work from inside and outside organizations and corporations.

Her work experience has covered the private, public and not for profit sectors.

Jaki is a currently on the board of BTW Unlimited Los Angeles, CA and an active member of WNBA, Women’s National Book Association.

Jaki travels internationally each year. She credits her international experiences for releasing her from most of the ideas she had about how others should live.

Fly fishing has taught her patience and filled her joy of learning and scuba diving has renewed her belief that while it is often easier to go with the current, going against it can be wonderfully exciting.

Jaki has a BA in Social Sciences from the University of Western Ontario in London, Ontario, Canada. She studied Workplace Coaching at the Adler School of Psychology in Toronto and is an ICF (International Coach Federation) certified coach.

927B Sixth Street, Hermosa Beach, CA 90254 USA Phone: 310.374.3519


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