Jakub Kotan

Consumer rights champion; media expert for legal and civil rights matters and managing director of Eudelay

Jakub Kotan is a consumer rights champion; celebrated media expert for analysis and comment on legal and civil rights matters and the Managing Director of EUDELAY, one of Britain’s leading legal, aviation and claim management services for passengers who have suffered delays, cancellations and other inconveniences at the hands of airlines.

The Prague-born, legal beagle received his law degree with honours from the University of Sussex - where he currently resides, in Brighton - and studied the LPC course at the College of Law the following year.

Kotab went on to own property investment and asset management company, KotanGuard Estates and became MD of K&B Property Management Service.

This background in directing property investment and his management company since 2005, together with his passion for aviation law and protecting passenger rights in Europe led him to pop some figures into a spread sheet in the summer of 2012.

He was stunned to discover that around 1 MILLION airline passengers are affected by delays, cancellations and other inconveniences, but less than 5% of travellers were claiming, because most of them were unaware of their rights.

Shocked into action, a business plan was drafted and Kotan invited a former airline captain to become the Aviation Director, - providing vital insight - as well as skilled computer programmer, Kevin Edwards, who became the technical director. And with Kotan taking the helm as Managing Director, EUDELAY was born.

Kotan has dedicated himself to protecting passengers and together with his steadfast team, EUDELAY has a 100% success rate in court claims, with many clients seeking their help after hitting a brick wall with difficult and stubborn airlines, who often try to deter passengers from claiming, with complicated claim procedures and endless hurdles.

He has been consulting MEPs about new regulations which will affect passengers and staunchly attempting to educate and instruct the public about their rights, to stop airlines from taking the power by keeping them in the dark.

Kotan has made it his mission to be a step ahead of these airlines and the endless tactics they employ to escape liability.