James Pepper

Retail Technology professional and innovation writer, Director at Vista Retail Support.

Technical Services Director at Vista Retail Support.

When I was a young boy I was surrounded by two of the best engineers I believe I have ever met: my dad and my grandad, both highly technical and skilled individuals from whom I learnt such a lot. I would spend hours playing with gears & motors; there was something magical about watching my father repair something that was broken and how, after a short time spent soldering and reprogramming, we would watch it spring back into life.

I believe that these experiences have shaped my passion for technology and innovation but also recognising the importance of understanding how things work.

Throughout my career I have applied the principle that you can’t improve something if you don’t understand how it works in the first place; this has enabled me to be highly successful both personally and professionally.

I have been able to implement ideas that I had wanted to introduce for many years at Vista Retail Support, resulting in a change of culture within the business, increasing operational efficiency and service effectiveness.