James Whiting

Executive Director of Malaria No More UK

James was appointed to galvanise the UK malaria campaign in August 2012. His former leadership positions involved the strategic growth of both new and established charities. James served for nine years as Deputy Executive Director of Hope for Homes and Children, developing the charity into a global force in the deinstitutionalisation of childcare. More recently, as Managing Director at Friends of the Earth UK, James drove change across its structure, strategy and brand while capitalising on its unique strengths. James says: “The malaria campaign is that rare thing – a development campaign which we are demonstrably winning, with malaria deaths in Africa cut by 33% in the last decade. Although the path is still fraught with difficulty, we can now envisage a day when no parent loses a child to malaria. Our challenge is whether that is in 2030 or 2050. Imagine being able to say to your children and grandchildren, ‘I played a part in ending deaths from the biggest killer disease in human history”.