Jamie Anderson

Writer, producer and director - proud son of legendary Thunderbirds creator Gerry Anderson

Jamie Anderson is the younger son of the late Gerry Anderson - the man behind cult TV shows like Fireball XL5, Stingray, Captain Scarlet, Space: 1999, and of course Thunderbirds.

Jamie had always wanted to follow in his father's footsteps since an early age - spending huge amounts of time with Gerry at Pinewood Studios and Cosgrove Hall in Manchester when he was growing up.

Now, as managing director of Anderson Entertainment, Jamie is the man tasked with keeping the Gerry Anderson legacy alive, but also developing Gerry's unfinished literary, film and television projects.

Having lost his father in 2012 to Alzheimer's Disease, Jamie is also a celebrity supporter of Alzheimer's Society - regularly speaking at events, and helping to raise much needed awareness and funds. He also continues in his father's footsteps by supporting the International Rescue Corps as their vice-president.

New Classic 'Thunderbirds' Project Makes Me an Incredibly Proud Son

As a keen advocate of practical film-making, a fan myself, and son of the man behind it all - I can't help but feel an immense sense of pride, seeing this project come to fruition. The project is using original 1960s soundtracks, released as audio-only 'mini albums', and will adapt these stories, and film the accompanying visuals.
26/07/2015 21:11 BST

Dementia WILL Affect You But Simple Actions Can Make A World Of Difference

Dad's name is one that evokes so much positivity from the generations of people he entertained with series like <em>Fireball XL5</em>, <em>Stingray</em>, <em>Captain Scarlet</em>, <em>Space: 1999</em> and <em>Thunderbirds</em>. But despite all of those achievements, I am most proud of him for what he achieved while he lived with dementia.
19/05/2015 20:39 BST