Jamie Tolentino

Digital Marketer at a Global Asset Management firm

Jamie Tolentino has been interested in the marketing, PR and advertising sector since her high school years. This motivated her to undertake her very first digital marketing internship at 17. She took up a BSc Psychology at University College London (UCL) where she participated in a ton of societies and was an active member of the student union council. During her third year, she interned at Punktilio (now the social arm of Essence Digital) and subsequently worked at Quirk London to keep up with the latest digital trends in the industry. Now, she's happily working as a Digital Marketer at a Global Asset Management firm. Although her core strengths are research insights and social media, she also has a keen interest in the wider digital strategy, analytics/data and general geekiness, this is why you'll find blog posts on tech, enterpreneurship and other random stuff.