Jasmine Katatikarn

The person behind Pregmo

From an outsider looking in, Jasmine Katatikarn had a perfect life. She was well educated, had a thriving professional career in computer animation, traveled the world and was happily married. What many did not know was that she struggled to have a child for 6 years and was told she had a 1% chance of having a biological child. Her fertility journey was one of the greatest challenges of her life, but it also proved to be the most rewarding. The pain forced Jasmine to look inward in a way that left her kinder, more compassionate, and more loving to herself and others.

After Jasmine’s 1% miracle baby was born, she felt the need to share her story for the first time. She realized that from the outside, no one knew that she had been struggling to have a child for so long and all they saw were the pretty pictures of years of traveling (something she did to keep her mind off of not being able to conceive) and then pictures of her baby daughter. Jasmine wanted to share her story to show people that the pictures we see on social media don’t tell the whole story, and that those going through similar struggles are not alone.