Jennifer Boon

Life Coach, Author

Jennifer Boon is an accredited life coach and author specialising in working with people who aren’t living live the way they hoped to, but know deep down they want to create positive change. It is Jennifer’s mission to be a catalyst for change in people’s lives, supporting them to make the most of life right now and cutting through the inner chatter to create a life they dared not to imagine. Jennifer’s first book Survive and Thrive Dating and Being Single (available on Amazon) draws on Jennifer’s experience as a coach and her personal experiences and challenges she faced in finding love to help others in their quest to find love, love themselves fully and make the most of life along the way. This book is the first of a series of Survive and Thrive books focusing on supporting women through challenging life phases. The series focuses on arming women with the tools to manage the challenges they are facing as well as to savour life right now. Find out more at

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