Jeremy Cook

Chief Economist at foreign exchange company, World First

Jeremy is one of the leading voices on foreign exchange in the UK. At the tender age of just 27 he won recognition as one of Square Mile magazine’s “30 most influential under 30”. Jeremy has an innate ability to communicate sometimes complicated economic analysis into an everyday language which people can understand. This has made him a popular choice for broadcasters looking for economic commentary on a range of subjects. He has a large following on Twitter where he provides up to date economic analysis to a legion of followers who include high profile editors, journalists, economists and business leaders. In addition, his daily webcasts on the state of the economy have a strong following, and are relied upon by thousands of World First clients to keep them up to date on the fluctuating currency markets. This daily service is presented in concise, informative videos every morning, proving an invaluable resource for anyone who is involved in moving money internationally.