Jez Fielder

Journalist, musician, writer, actor, wino and meat enthusiast

Jez Fielder is a writer, actor and musician based in London.
Educated at the Universities of Glasgow and California, he has been a teacher, a content writer for ecommerce websites and currently works in international news.

He writes for (and occasionally performs with) his rock band Indigo Down They released their debut album ‘Gin Lane’ in 2005 and are launching their new EP in late 2016.

He also co-wrote the web drama Five Years. -

In the summer of 2008 he wrote and performed his one-man show ‘My Life is Art’ at the Edinburgh Festival. The play sees Jez adopt the guise of Sir Barrington Ganch, an elderly actor, writer, artist and critic.

He is also writing a novel, but who isn't?

Jez is also a keen fencer. So watch it.

You can follow him on @jezmerelda