Jim Smallman

Award-winning heavily tattooed comedian, writer, voiceover artist, wrestling promoter and professional idiot.

I'm currently a nomadic stand-up comedian with a lot of tattoos and even more baggage. I perform all over the UK and beyond, despite being too old (34) to appear on BBC3 or E4. I'm fond of doing incredibly silly things in the name of winning a bet. I have a daughter called Amelia who appears a lot on any material that I write, as she's the sensible yin to my childish yang. She's nine years old. I'm a nerd, a proper one (not just someone with thick-framed glasses who claims to be one to meet girls) with an obsession with video games, films, music, comic books, comedy (obviously), 1980s kids TV, wrestling and technology. I grew up in rural Leicestershire so despise the political party that allegedly rules our nation. I get angry with a lot of things, especially east London hipsters. I once talk a horse through a McDonalds drive through and I've been tazered. Not at the same time. I'm on twitter - @jimsmallman - and have a website - - where I list my upcoming gigs and upload videos comparing Jessie J to inanimate objects. I have too much time on my hands. God help you all.