John Fleming

Sponsor of the annual Malcolm Hardee Comedy Awards

Former Huffington Post blogger John Fleming sponsors three annual Malcolm Hardee Awards for comedy at the Edinburgh Fringe.

He blogs daily at

He co-wrote godfather of alternative comedy Malcolm Hardee's autobiography "I Stole Freddie Mercury's Birthday Cake", edited Scots comedian Janey Godley's best-selling autobiography "Handstands in the Dark" and edited "Sit-Down Comedy", an anthology written by 19 stand-ups, as well as contributing to the book “Anatomy of the Movies” with Martin Scorsese, Donald Sutherland etc.

His TV work includes "Tiswas", "Game For a Laugh", "Surprise Surprise", "The Last Resort with Jonathan Ross", "Jack Dee's Saturday Night" etc. He has written for "House of Hammer", "The Independent", "International Times", "Screen International", "Starburst" etc. He financed cross-dressing cage-fighter Alex Reid's controversial feature film debut "Killer Bitch”.

He is UK consultant for New York based entertainment company Inbrook.

His career has involved TV shows, TV promos/marketing, TV station launches, writing for magazines, editing books, staging live variety shows, financing a feature film and being arrested by the Syrian Army in Beirut. And yet he still cannot juggle cooked spaghetti.