John L. Adams

Writer and editor of

Hey there, I am John Adams and I write multi-award winning parenting and lifestyle blog

I have an unusual family. In 2011, I left full-time employment to run the household and become the main carer of my kids. This enabled my wife to concentrate on her career.

Soon after taking this lifestyle decision, I started blogging about my experiences as a stay at home dad. My children are a little older now and while I am still the main caregiver, these days I like to think of myself as a 'school run dad'!

I write about a variety of parenting-related subjects: fatherhood, schooling, education, childcare. i also write about equalities issues, men's interests and motoring. You will also find me on YouTube.

Prior to launching, I worked as a news reporter and journalist. I have also worked in public relations and communications in the private, voluntary and public sectors.