Jonathan Arnott

Independent Member of European Parliament, North East England

Jonathan Arnott, 37, is an independent member of the European Parliament for North East England. Having taken examinations three years early, he went to Sheffield University at the age of 15 before graduating with a Masters' Degree in Mathematics (MMath Hons). Jonathan worked as a Mathematics teacher for a number of years, setting up a charity working with disadvantaged young people in his local community of Sheffield before moving to Guisborough. He is the author of two books (one on Brexit, one on chess). Ardently pro-Brexit, he has more speeches in the European Parliament than any other British MEP since his term started in 2014. In his spare time, he has over 20 years' broadcasting experience providing football commentaries on Scunthorpe Hospital Radio, he represents the Great Britain team at the board game Stratego, and he is a Candidate Master at chess.