Jon-Christopher Bua

White House Commentator

Jon-Christopher Bua is a US Political Analyst and White House Commentator. It was with Jeremy Thompson, on Election Night, 2004 in Washington when JC made his debut with Sky News offering his thoughts and comments as the election results came streaming in. Born in Manhattan, he began his professional career in theatre and television, working as an actor, director and teacher. Since he was a boy JC always had a strong interest in politics, campaigned for Robert Kennedy and studied political science at University. In 1992 his love for politics and theatre came together when he volunteered to media train spokespeople for the campaign of presidential candidate Governor Bill Clinton. After Clinton's victory he moved to Washington where he ran several communications programs for the Democratic National Committee and was appointed to three senior communications positions in the Clinton Administration. JC has provided strategic communications advice to both Democratic and Republican candidates, agencies of the US Government, not-for-profit groups and businesses in the private sector.

He has also travelled throughout Eastern Europe, in a program sponsored by the US Department of State, advising and training political parties and candidates on establishing a democratic election process. JC provides his on air analysis from both Washington and London on a variety of breaking news stories which have included the Virginia Tech shootings, the Fifth Anniversary of 9-11, the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina, the 2004 and 2006 US Elections and the Sky News US Election Primary 2008 coverage from Iowa, New Hampshire, Washington and London.

JC has created the Sky News "Washington Notebook" blog which includes his analysis of the latest news stories with a special eye on the White House and the political machinations across America.Jon-Christopher has also taken the position of Adjunct Professor at the Georgetown University Graduate School of Foreign Service teaching a course called "Politics & The Media, An American-European Perspective."