Julie Creffield

Writer, project manager and entrepreneur

Julie Creffield is a writer, project manager and entrepreneur from Stratford in East London. She has lived in the East End of London for most of her life and has a sharp eye for a juicy project or a funny angle on a story.

She says "I have always been a writer. I used to copy the letters off the SMA tins at nursery until the teachers realised what I was doing and gave me a book to copy from instead. I progressed to keeping diaries and writing short stories in my teens just to make my mum fret and my teachers laugh. Twenty years later I still haven't shook off my desire to write".

Julie has had a colourful working life as a theatre usher, salad packer, barmaid, youth arts worker, cultural facilitator and trainer. She has spent the last 8 years however working in various capacities on the London 2012 Olympic & Paralympic Games which took place literally yards from where she lives with her fiancé Fabian (who is also a writer) and young daughter Rose.

Julie is best known for her humerous writing about the issues facing plus sized runners and is the brains behind the successful blog where she supports plus sized runners from across the world, but she is also a freelance journalist, and short story writer too.

When she is not writing, or running she can normally be found on the sofa eating