Juliet Grayson

Sex and relationship therapist, author, workshop leader

Juliet is passionate about helping people to be fully connected to all of their true self. Her hope is that by supporting them to express their full selves, people will become more authentic and gain increased authorship of their lives. She has a deep understanding of the struggles related to achieving this. Juliet began by teaching people how to ride horses, in Richmond Park, London, and she and her first husband built and ran Barnfield Riding School, which she ran for fifteen years. She founded Barnfield Riding for the Disabled Group. Then in 1991 she changed career and became a psychotherapist. In her therapy practice in South Wales, she specialises in working with relationship issues, sexual problems, and people who are facing a life-limiting condition. She runs ‘couples in calamity’ sessions, which offer couples the chance to have seven hours of therapy over two days. She set up Inter-action Training and Consultancy, and travels the world running training courses for organisations, helping delegates to make behavioural changes and identity shifts, through courses such as Stress Management, Communication Skills, Assertiveness Skills and Negotiation Skills. She loves it when these are life changing experiences for people. She is the coaching supervisor and a tutor for Olivier Mythodrama Associates who use Shakespeare to teach leadership skills. She leads personal development workshops using Pesso Boyden System Psychotherapy (PBSP), a methodology she finds extremely effective, giving fast results, but is not well known in the UK. She currently running five different, closed, experiential, year-long PBSP personal development groups, from London to South Wales. Juliet is one of only three Accredited Trainers in PBSP in the UK, and is involved in the design and delivery of the PBSP training courses to teach therapists how to use PBSP in their practice. She occasionally runs workshops with her husband, William Ayot, who is a poet, playwright, ritualist, and teacher, and author – he published Re-enchanting the Forest, Meaningful Ritual in a Secular World in 2015. She has designed a six modular programme to teach therapists, who usually work one-to-one with clients, about working with couples. Counsellors and therapists can attend just one two-day module, or more. If they attend all six modules, they are awarded a Certificate in Couples Therapy which is Accredited by COSRT (College of Sex and Relationship Therapists). These courses are now run by Juliet and her team – Mary Clegg, Nicola Jones, Lottie Passell-Syms and Cassandra Jay. Other team members are Jo Watson and Sally Potter, who occasionally run courses. Juliet is a co-founder (in 2012) of StopSO, the Specialist Treatment Organisation for the Prevention of Sexual Offending, which has set up a UK wide network of therapists who are trained to work with those in the community at risk of committing a sexual offence (or re-offending), and who would like help to stop acting out. The aim of StopSO is to prevent sexual offending by offering therapy, dealing with the root causes of sexual offending, to prevent further victims from being created. Juliet is currently Chair of StopSO. She runs a PBSP group for those at risk of committing a sexual offence in South Wales. Juliet is known for her warmth, for the thoroughness of her trainings, and for her ability to maintain a sense of fun whilst challenging those behaviours that call for a change. She is a fully qualified psychosexual psychotherapist (UKCP Accredited, NLPtCA Acc, COSRT Acc & PBSP Accredited), and a recognised supervisor (NLPtCA, COSRT and PBSP) with a private practice in South Wales. Having written articles, and chapters over the years, her debut book “Landscapes of the Heart: The working world of a sex and relationship therapist” was initially self-published in April 2016. Then she signed a contract with the Jessica Kingsley Publishers, who printed a second edition in July 2016.