Kat Jackman

Music Media Mumpreneur

I came up with the idea of as a place for artists to get feedback and reviews from top music industry people and decided to dedicate my life to it; once I had positive feedback on the concept from bands, industry people, brands, and the media. In 2009 it got “Website of the week” in The Sun, and did some commercial deals with Smirnoff, Xbox, Levi, and a number of other biggies.

Ad funded digital content with a more long term connection with the audience was the business model. I now have over 13,000 artists associated with the website, the majority of which use the site for reviews, contacts, and opportunities.

Many of the opportunities for artists came about after the cultivation of long term relationship building with different businesses in the music industry, and I have subsequently managed to score a weekly feature on Absolute Radio, which took over a year to get in place, and has now been running for a year and a half. We send Absolute Radio five tracks per week and their presenter reviews all the tracks for, and they pick one track to play on their Sunday show at 10pm “Sunday Night Music Club”.

Since starting The Unsigned Band Review I’ve managed to help hundreds of artists get their music on national radio, one artist on Radio One, BBC 6 Music, BBC Introducing, as well as exposure on 4music, in Bizarre Magazine, WIRED magazine, slots at festivals, industry showcases and absolutely anything else that I can find.

Over the last few years whilst developing this music industry product, I have also worked on contracts within a Saatchi and Saatchi creative team, the marketing team at Carat UK, and launched a new consumer website for PayPal, to help make ends meet.

Emerging Icons is a brand new label that I have recently started. We will be releasing compilations of new music through Universal Music as a distributer. We’ll be focusing on creating content alongside the albums so that the editorial is strong, and our exclusive media partners will drive traffic to that content. Our first album will be released on the 30th April 2012 and released exclusively via iTunes. Our Facebook community page is here. This is a place
where fans can recommend unsigned artists for all the Emerging Icons related albums, radio features and any of the other opportunities.