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Kerim Derhalli

Founder and CEO of invstr, with more than 30 years’ experience with leading financial institutions around the world.

Kerim Derhalli formerly held senior roles at Deutsche Bank and JP Morgan, and is now CEO and founder of Invstr. He has more than 30 years’ experience in the City.

How Central Banks Helped Fuel The Rise Of Political Extremism

This is a deep-rooted problem with no quick fixes. However, we have survived as a race because we are resourceful and have an unparalleled ability to adapt. We need to evolve from a culture of consumption to one of investment. We need to borrow and spend less, save and invest more. Becoming better investors and taking charge of our financial future is now both a personal and social imperative.
30/10/2017 14:53 GMT

A Reassuringly Conventional Election

Like Wimbledon, major political campaigns seem to be becoming an annual fixture of British summers. Following the Scottish Independence Referendum in 2014, a general election in 2015 and the Brexit referendum in 2016, we now face another general election in 2017.
07/06/2017 09:17 BST

How Will The General Election Impact The City? Answer: It Won't

In this strange dystopian present, the one constant has been inconsistency, and many firms, big and small, in the finance world have learned to expect the unexpected. So, for all this change on the political and economic scenes, the City has actually become one of the more stable epicentres on which the UK's global future continues to rest.
09/05/2017 16:20 BST

Why Scotland Would Be Foolish To Leave The United Kingdom

It is a political, social, economic and cultural construct that should be the model for the European Union to emulate. It would be a real waste, and an exercise in pure political vanity, to want to exercise that political freedom in such a self-destructive manner.
16/03/2017 15:25 GMT

Taking Control Of Finance - Five Resolutions For 2017

Making your way through the initial stages of a career or taking first steps onto the housing ladder can be tricky, so what can you do to make life a bit easier in 2017? Here are five areas that could help you take control of your finances and make your money work harder for you.
23/12/2016 11:45 GMT

Time For The City To Open Its Doors To Millennials

It's no surprise that the public-at-large find finance confusing. On the one hand, politicians and businesspeople speak of the testing economic times, the challenges faced with Brexit, the volatility caused by Donald Trump's election and the risks to world stability.
25/11/2016 13:54 GMT

How The Information Revolution Delivered Trump To The World

In the long run, the prospect of higher global debt levels, a more imbalanced global economy led by the US and the potential for the inflation genie finally to be leaking out its bottle after eight years of unprecedented monetary stimulus is alarming. The coming bust will be the biggest in human history.
14/11/2016 13:22 GMT

The Next Stage Of Fintech: War Or Peace?

Legacy players cannot avoid the fact that fintech businesses are growing their share of finance markets globally. As they seek to keep pace, a battle for consumers and revenues - the establishment versus the disruptors - is seemingly unavoidable, with the finance industry as a whole becoming a more competitive sphere.
09/11/2016 13:23 GMT