Kerry Hudson

Writer, journalist, manic depressive loose in London

I am Kerry Hudson, and live in East London amongst the underground artists, beatnik poets and miss-understood musicians. I live with 5 overweight girls but unfortunately one had to be put down. They’re my guinea pigs (Bev, Sue, Pam, Elaine and Berol) and I love them like my own hairy children.

A writer, blogger, columnist and journalist, my regulars include N16 and Mental Healthy (formerly UNCOVERED magazine)

I come from a comedy background, writing material for BBC TV, Radio and stand up, whilst working weekends as an RSW in mental health.

Also a textiles artist, I'm often found at a sewing machine or with knitting needles making kitsch home wear with a twist kitsch home furnishing business and my work is exhibited in an East London Arts Centre Core Arts which is a gallery, venue, music and art studios supports artists with mental health. I’m a drummer and a guitarist, but no-one will join a band with me because I insist on doing Christmas covers all year round.

As a bipolar sufferer with bouts of OCD and anxiety, I'm keen to document my experiences in my humorous yet eye opening blog/book in progress Seesaw Seating Plan

Without lithium I go on spendathons and pet rescuathons.. at one point I had sixteen guinea pigs, twelve rabbits, four quails and a parrot in a maisonette. Oops.

I’m secretly in love with Noel Edmonds.