Kevin Hyland OBE

Independent Anti-Slavery Commissioner

Kevin Hyland OBE is the United Kingdom’s first Independent Anti-Slavery Commissioner, as appointed by the British Home Secretary. The creation of the Commissioner role is one of the key provisions of the landmark Modern Slavery Act, which received Royal Assent in March 2015.

Kevin spearheads the UK’s fight against modern slavery, with a concerted focus on strengthening law enforcement efforts in the UK and internationally, ensuring that public authorities identify and support victims effectively, and working to prevent modern slavery crimes from occurring in the first place, both in the UK and other source countries. This includes developing best practice in targeted international collaboration and prevention at source, as well as encouraging efforts to improve corporate supply chain transparency.

Prior to undertaking this role, Kevin was head of the London Metropolitan Police’s Human Trafficking Unit, which was internationally recognised for developing best practice in anti-trafficking operations.