Kirsty Smith

TV Producer, Writer, Mum

Eeh Bah Mum is the parenting blog that’s not just for parents.

Looking at the funny side of family life so far I have asked Is My Son A Dick? (answer: Yes probably) and compared my toddler daughter to Margaret Thatcher and written about the Top 10 Things you will do as a parent that you will not like.

Before I had children I was a successful TV producer making comedy, magic and entertainment programmes, I owned a Mulberry handbag entirely free from rice cakes.

Fast forward to the birth of my second child when I was asked if I’d describe myself as a Stay At Home Mum or a Housewife? Now I am kept awake worrying that if I die in a freak accident I will be described in the news as a 40 year old housewife/ home maker and mother of two.

Which I suppose I am.

But I’m also lots of other things too: If I am dead please feel free to flesh out your obit with the following:

Eeh Bah Mum is a runner, a writer, a Morris Dancer, a magician’s assistant, an amazing Southeast Asian cook, not very good at baking, even worse at sewing, don’t get me started on knitting….

Eeh Bah Mum loves Jon Stewart, Vietnamese food, Marc Jacobs clothes, Midwinter pottery, my Acne Pistol boots, Vivienne Westwood (clothes and the lady), making pies, London, Yorkshire, my boobs, punching things (a recent discovery), Billy Liar, Agatha Christie, Amy Tan and the Bronte sisters.

I hate that Mr Eeh Bah (a southerner) makes better Yorkshire puddings than me and I think my children are wonderful but wish they could be wonderful in a quieter, tidier, less annoying fashion.

My blog won the Badass Blog Award for Best Mommy Blogger and has been the Mumsnet Blog Of The Day, a Tots100 Good Read and Netmums Blog Of The Week, twice. (Ooh get her.)