Larry Lewis

Healthy Lifestyle & Personal Development Coach

I’m a Personal Development Coach, Speaker and Blogger. My healthy lifestyle blog features a blend of personal development, healthy living articles, and anything to do with maintaining a healthy lifestyle, including information and tips designed to help empower and inspire you to live life to the fullest.

Having worked in the fitness and lifestyle industry for many years, including owning my own gyms, I began to think about my true passions in life. I loved to teach, encourage, and inspire others. Being a qualified Life Coach, who had been introduced to the field of personal development from the age of 13 and had studied and practiced it throughout the rest of my life, it was a natural progression to start my Personal Development Coaching practice and develop a blog which allowed me to empower, and help others realise their personal goals.

It’s so rewarding to see or hear stories about how my clients’ lives have transformed and to see them reach their fullest potential. My purpose is to use my knowledge, experience, and enthusiasm to empower and inspire others to discover their passions and fulfil their dreams. I do this through my passion of blogging on my website.

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