Laura Williams

Diet & Fitness Expert

Laura Williams is a former couch potato who has revamped her lifestyle to become one of the UK's leading personal trainers.

Laura doesn’t believe we’re a nation accepting and embracing our ever-increasing size – she believes we’re a nation reluctantly investing in Spanx pants and dimmer switches whilst labouring under the misapprehension that weight gain is inevitable, and change impossible. But as someone who used to smoke, drink, and eat chocolate for breakfast (she doesn't do any of this now, btw), Laura believes she's in a good position to take exercise to the British public - a kind of stepping stone between the Lycra brigade and the man on the street. Her aim is to make exercise and a half-decent diet accessible, doable and effective for everyone.

As well as being a top-ranking fitness expert, Laura is an established media commentator and has appeared on TV and radio as well as contributing regularly to titles such as The Independent, FHM, and Heat magazine, and City AM for whom she writes a weekly fitness column.

Laura is an accredited Level 3 Personal Trainer (qualified in Nutrition and Weight Management), and holds additional qualifications in Pilates, Sports Conditioning and Pre-and-Post Natal Fitness.
Twitter: @laurafitness