Lauren Riley

Recent Apprentice star, Founder of The Link App, Solicitor & Entrepreneur

Keen to dispel the image of a stuffy solicitor, 29-year-old Lauren Riley is anything but. Currently strutting her stuff on The Apprentice, the keep fit fan is the embodiment of today’s modern business woman and is determined to give the letter of the law a ‘facelift.’ She is a firm believer that today’s leading business women can be both professional and glamorous.

Specialising in family law, Lauren graduated from Lancaster University with an Honours Degree in law in 2006. She then completed her Post-Graduate Diploma in Law, which she passed with distinction.

Believing she could make a real difference to her clients’ lives, Lauren chose the challenging area of family law. So many of these cases can become emotional battlegrounds but Lauren steadily navigates her way through tricky areas such as divorce, separation, finances and property; managing to keep a level head at all times.

Aware of the amount of hours spent by solicitors trying to keep their clients up-to-date, often at the expense of the paperwork, Lauren began to wonder what could be done to save precious time. Surely in the twenty first century there must be a more effective way of lawyers keeping their clients ‘in the loop’ rather than endless phone calls , emails or even snail mail. It was then she had her eureka moment and created The Link App.

The Link App is designed to provide the latest development on a case at the touch of a button. By simply ticking a box, a lawyer can inform their client exactly how the case is progressing. Or when contracts are due to be exchanged. So when the client logs in, all the information is available at their fingertips. Easy to download and user friendly, The Link App is a very modern solution to an age old problem.

Explains Lauren, “The Link App is going to revolutionise the way law firms interact with their clients and I’m so proud and passionate to be the one bringing it to the market. I really care about law firms and their clients and this will make a positive difference to both”.