Liana Werner-Gray

Best Selling Author of "The Earth Diet"

Liana Werner-Gray is a Best Selling Author for "The Earth Diet" published by Hay House, including #1 for Weight Loss and Food & Cooking on Amazon. She is an advocate for healthy living using a wholesome diet and natural lifestyle. Liana’s recipes and health tips have been featured on NBC, CNN, News 12, WABC, Women’s Own, The Sun and more. As an International Speaker, Liana has spoken to schools all over the world, to the NYPD and other Police Departments and corporations. Her books are endorsed by some influential people in the health industry including Donovan Green (Dr Oz Personal Trainer) and Dr Mark Hyman. Liana graduated from Charles Darwin University and in 2009 started an online blog in an attempt to break a 5 year obsession to junk food binge eating and other health issues, with a declaration to eat foods derived from nature. Liana found a way to have all her favorite foods but in a more natural way that nourished the body as well as hit the pleasure spots. Word of mouth spread as the best diet for weight loss (New Idea Magazine) where women could have their cake and eat it too, and she began lecturing and teaching about the Earth Diet internationally including teaching children at schools about making good choices. She has travelled to 17 countries to date. Liana published her second book "10-Minute Recipes" which was also a worldwide best seller.