Lizi Jackson-Barrett

Body Confidence Coach and Motivational Speaker, Author and Educator.

Lizi is a qualified coach who helps women find their confidence and achieve their dreams. She works with women who feel trapped in a cycle of putting everyone else first and neglecting their own wellbeing; and women who feel like they've lost who they used to be and who know that something needs to change. Lizi is also a motivational speaker who uses her story of thriving in the face of adversity to inspire others to rise above their struggles; to embrace their vulnerabilities and imperfections; and to feel confident and beautiful in their own bodies. If that wasn't enough, Lizi is also a published children's author and a qualified teacher who visits secondary schools to talk to students about sex, body image and all the controversial and sensitive subjects you'd rather avoid. Lizi also happens to be bald, and stopped being obsessed with her weight when she realised there are many ways to look and feel beautiful. She knows now that feeling beautiful isn't about how you look, it's about how you look at yourself. You can find Lizi at