Marta Krupinska

Co-Founder and General Manager at Azimo

Marta is a passionate entrepreneur and avid champion of diversity in the fintech industry.

As a Polish expat, Marta experienced first-hand how challenging it was to send money home. She joined Michael Kent, CEO, and Marek Wawro, CTO, in 2012 to co-found Azimo and drastically change the way people living abroad send money to their family and friends.

As General Manager and Co-founder, Marta oversees day-to-day operations, works closely with the CEO to scale the business and is responsible for all staffing processes and decisions across the UK and Poland, where she opened Azimo’s second office in late 2013. In the past two years, the company has seen 73 per cent growth in personnel, raised $30million in Series A and B funding and is amongst the fastest-growing fintech companies in Europe.

Marta holds a Masters in Organisational Psychology from Jagiellonian University in Poland and a Management degree from Columbia Business School.