Martin Morales

Leading expert in Latin American cuisine and owner of Ceviche, London’s first Peruvian restaurant and Pisco bar

Martin Morales is the founder and MD of Ceviche, one of London's best
new restaurants. Born out of the frustration of not having a great
Peruvian restaurant in London, Martin quit his job as Executive Director
at Disney in 2010 to start Ceviche.

At that time, as @martinceviche his first tweet was: "Does anyone care
about Peruvian food?". Support from food bloggers, chefs and writers
followed so he opened supper clubs at his home, then pop ups and now
Ceviche is a restaurant. Tomorrow Ceviche will go into even more fun
and innovative directions.

"This place is brilliant. The cooking is super-confident, rare and
interesting, the look of the room is great and the bar must be fantastic in
the evening, the music is lovely, the staff are incredibly sweet and kind
and even the loos are very cute. And its cheap. I never really want to go
anywhere else again."
The Times, Giles Coren, May 2012.

Martin is a self-taught chef since the age of 11, a restaurateur and
entrepreneur and is passionate about Peruvian culture. Formerly Head of
and Founder Member of Apple iTunes Pan Europe, Disney Executive
Director and Board Member launching High School Musical, Miley
Cyrus and Pirates of the Caribbean, a globetrotting DJ playing in Rio,
Marrakesh, Moscow, Tokyo and New York, an EMI Label Head signing
KT Tunstall, Oi Va Voi and Koop, an event promoter for concerts by
James Blunt and others as well as his own Global Kitchen where he DJ-
ed and cooked at the same time.

He is a Committee Member at Soho House, a Fellow of the Royal
Society of the Arts and a Freeman of the City of Leicester. He was born
in Peru, has lived in Mexico City and Barcelona and now lives in
London with his wife and children.