Martin Robson

Lecturer in Strategic Studies, Strategy and Security Institute, University of Exeter

Martin Robson specialises in the utility of history for relevant contemporary application within the broad field of International Security and Strategic Studies. His research focuses on the formulation and implementation of British policy and grand strategy from the eighteenth century to today and encompasses numerous aspects of naval and military history in a global context including aspects of seapower, joint operations and economic warfare.

Martin is the author of numerous books, book chapters and journal articles which reflect his ability to work in both the historical and contemporary strategic fields. His notable historical work includes two books with the National Museum of the Royal Navy and IB Tauris, A History of the Royal Navy: The Seven Years War and A History of the Royal Navy: The Napoleonic Wars; ‘A considerable portion of the defence of the Empire’. His contemporary publications include ‘UK Air-Sea integration in Libya, 2011: a successful blueprint for the future?’, in Bruns, S., Petretto, K., and Petrovic, D (eds.), Die maritimen Dimensionen von Sicherheit, (Wiesbaden: VS-Verlag, 2013) (with Geoffrey Till) and ‘Segurança Marítima e o Cone Sul’ in Guedes de Oliveira, M., Cultura Estratégica/de Defesa Comparada na America do Sul (UFPE, 2011).