Martine Booth

Writer, music and arts enthusiast

Martine is an avid writer, huge music and arts enthusiast, coffee-lover and has a deep and occasionally unhealthy obsession with anything related to the cities of London and New York (seriously, don’t get her started).

She’s originally from a little town called Bolton in the north-west of England but moved around a lot as a youngster being an army kid and after a couple of years living in the centre of Manchester moved back to the town of Rochdale to be close to her nearest and dearest where she currently resides.

She spends the majority of her time reading, researching subjects she’s interested in, usually crime, psychology, sociology, economics or anything to do with human relationships. She also is a major animal lover, mostly dogs, although will inevitably drop anything she is doing or saying if anything with four legs and a tail even remotely enters her realm of existence. She has a fascination with architecture too and she quite happy to wile away the hours wandering aimlessly around places with interesting buildings, gawping at them, taking pictures and drinking copious quantities of coffee, obviously.

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