Mat Morrisroe

Award winning Music Strategist & Consultant, a Musician & a DJ

He's happiest with drum sticks in his hand and those around him are happiest when he and his drumsticks are in a sound-proof room"
A Republican in Defence of a Man They Call a

A Republican in Defence of a Man They Call a Prince

Harry's just a human being and as such I believe he should have no more or less rights than everyone else and human beings deserve the right to privacy and to reveal their naked bodies to people on terms they agree. The taking and sharing of naked pictures without permission is to me a form of abuse, and for me, Harry is a victim.
26/08/2012 00:38 BST
We Must Not Assault Democracy by Renaming Our Clock Tower After a

We Must Not Assault Democracy by Renaming Our Clock Tower After a Monarch

So, we're in a recession, we have high unemployment, our neighbours in Europe are in a crisis that seemingly has no end, in Syria men, women and children are being raped and murdered, so what our parliamentarians need to spend their time doing is renaming the clock tower at the Palace of Westminster.
03/06/2012 16:54 BST
This Jubilee, Spare a Thought for the

This Jubilee, Spare a Thought for the Republicans

"We all have fond memories of 60 years of our Queen," Dermot Murnaghan smarms through my TV screen inaccurately. After retrieving whichever inanimate object now lies below the screen having found itself being hurled along with a range of colourful language towards the inane news man's grinning bonce, I reflect on what has been an annoying few months for me and millions of other Britons.
31/05/2012 17:39 BST
Why I'm Growing A Mo This

Why I'm Growing A Mo This November

One of the biggest cancers affecting men had never even entered my consciousness until a couple of Christmasses ago when I got a phone call telling me my dad was going for tests, which ended up with me going with him for his first treatment on that Christmas eve.
04/11/2011 22:10 GMT
Why not Privatise the

Why not Privatise the Monarchy?

Come on, there's nothing more British than being a bit industrious and turning a few quid, sometimes just for being British. Hugh Grant manages it, and he's as British as jam tarts and visiting prostitutes. So come on Queenie, get with the industrial revolution and make some dough in that age old British tradition.
28/10/2011 23:58 BST
Why Bill Hicks was

Why Bill Hicks was Wrong

What Bill Hicks said was 'let me tell you something right now, you can print this in stone and don't you ever forget it, any performer who ever sells a product on television is for now and all eternity removed from the artistic world'. Bill Hicks was wrong. There, I said it.
23/09/2011 23:35 BST