Matt Glass

Drummer, cyclist, writer and PR. Not necessarily in that order

Matt Glass is a former journalist who embarked on a media career at just about the time journalism in the UK was being dragged through the gutter backwards, though he maintains this wasn’t his doing.
In the line of this work, he has dressed as Pete Doherty’s cat, eaten the world’s biggest breakfast, been beasted by a 1950s drill sergeant, woken up the Australian cricket team as part of an oompah band and kicked watermelons past a professional goalkeeper. While these remain his obvious highlights, Matt has also broken showbiz exclusives, traveled to four continents to write articles and reported on some of the biggest news events of our generation.
in 2009, Matt formed The Cult PR agency and continues to be that person who pesters journalists on a daily basis. He also regularly writes for The Fly magazine and Sabotage Times, and enjoys playing Pearl Jam, Smashing Pumpkins and ...And You Will Know Us By The Trail of Dead very loudly in the office, much to everybody else’s disdain.