Matthew Frost

Chief Executive of Tearfund

Matthew Frost has been Chief Executive of Tearfund since October 2005. Previously he worked for DFES and McKinsey, where he specialised in strategy and organisational leadership. He has served overseas with Medair in a leadership capacity and set up their aid programme in Afghanistan. Matthew is married to Katharine, has four young children and is a member of Holy Trinity Church in Claygate, Surrey.
Knitting Might Be Fun But I'd Rather Change the

Knitting Might Be Fun But I'd Rather Change the World

If the UK's new Government Minister for Civil Society is spoiling for a fight, he's gone the right way about it. When he announced yesterday that 'charities should stick to their knitting', he must have known full well that he'd get a vociferous response...
05/09/2014 15:09 BST
'Say What You See' Is Easier Said Than

'Say What You See' Is Easier Said Than Done

One of the reasons we've got so used to our car tax discs is that it shows that we've paid our bill. It's evidence that we've paid our dues, and one of many day-to-day demonstrations of transparency that we can take for granted.
09/12/2013 16:20 GMT
If We Told the Truth About Aid, You Might Get

If We Told the Truth About Aid, You Might Get Bored

The aid debate shouldn't be restricted to an argument about ring-fencing. It must also be about how we help people find their own ways out of poverty, identifying the most effective ways to help people become resilient to increasingly extreme weather conditions and to find financial independence and celebrating them. Even when they're in the form of committee meetings.
12/11/2013 17:54 GMT
No More

No More Aid

We all know that it's one of the biggest barriers to aid effectiveness, a primary concern among the UK public when considering whether and how we should respond to global poverty, and a major obstacle faced by thousands of hard-working local community organisations in poor countries.
07/12/2012 16:53 GMT
Stop Expecting Me to Do Your Job for

Stop Expecting Me to Do Your Job for You

It's not just down to me to tackle poverty. It's not just down to me individually, to my organisation, or to the UK. The sooner we stop abdicating responsibility and expecting 'someone' to sort it all out, the better.
31/10/2012 17:12 GMT
Let's Talk About

Let's Talk About Aid

Aid doesn't always work. Is that what you expected the chief exec of an NGO serving more than 50 countries to say? No? I'm not surprised.
27/09/2012 17:49 BST
Going for Gold in the Race Against

Going for Gold in the Race Against Hunger

It's been a very exciting and emotional two weeks cheering on the Olympians, but the highlight for me was Cameron leaving a legacy of London 2012 beyond even our exceptional haul of medals by hosting a global hunger event bringing together sportspeople and senior politicians from Brazil, Kenya, Bangladesh and India. When he could have been celebrating his twin gold medals elsewhere, instead the Somalia-born Mo Farah was running up a temporary race track outside Number 10 Downing Street to angle his spotlight towards global hunger.
15/08/2012 11:49 BST
Ending the Hunger

Ending the Hunger Games

The international community and governments need to stop treating food crises as a series of unexpected disasters. They can no longer play with people's lives or wait to act until we see starving African children on our TV screens, as if it were the televised Hunger Games.
23/03/2012 11:44 GMT