Matthew Sinclair

Director of the TaxPayers’ Alliance

Matthew Sinclair joined the TaxPayers’ Alliance in May 2007. At the beginning of December 2008 he became Research Director and then the campaign’s overall Director in October 2010.

He has produced studies on public spending, the National Health Service, trade unions, crime, big government projects, financial services regulation, the dynamic effects of tax cuts, hate education in the Palestinian territories, taxpayer funded lobbying and environmental policy. His reports have seen extensive coverage, including numerous front page stories and broadcast reports.

He has also represented the TaxPayers’ Alliance frequently on radio, television – with numerous appearances on the BBC News Channel, Sky News, Bloomberg, CNBC, the Daily Politics and Newsnight – and in person at a range of events both in UK and abroad - in Rome, Washington DC, Brussels, Strasbourg and New York.

In March 2010, Biteback published a book Matthew had edited, How to Cut Public Spending (and still win an election). The book provided the most comprehensive analysis available of the UK's fiscal situation and the decisions needed to deliver spending cuts.

In August 2010 the same company will publish Let Them Eat Carbon which look at the high cost and inefficiency of global climate change policy, and the special interests who profit from it.