Mia Forbes Pirie

Intelligent global change expert, mediator and coach.

Intelligent global change expert Mia Forbes Pirie is a quiet storm. As a mediator and coach whose clients have ranged from the US and Mongolian governments to the Church of England, the London born peace maker’s talent lies in helping people to have better conversations. Mia’s approach, whether working with individuals or countries, stems from a background steeped in the mindfulness and spiritual training she has honed over a period of twenty years prior and whilst working in conflict resolution.

At just forty years old, Mia’s body of professional work is remarkable. Work with the US Department of Energy saw Mia advise on facilitating negotiation to develop controversial legislation. Her role for the Church of England, was to chair shared conversations on human sexuality including LGBT issues and gay marriage. While more recently Mia has immersed herself in the task of facilitating on high level conversations around the humanitarian dimension of the refugee crisis in Turkey. Whether assisting company CEOs in developing new strategy and changing their organisational culture, or creating a neutral platform for dialogue around some of today's most testing global challenges, creating intelligent change which is sustainable, lies at the heart of all Mia’s work.

With an academic resume which includes a Masters in EU Law from the College of Europe, Bruges and a Masters of Science in Environmental Technology from Imperial College London, as a Trilingual ( English, French, Italian) lawyer, she took a sabbatical in the European Commission’s former “Diplomatic Corps” (External Relations) and was appointed temporary desk officer for Brunei Darussalam. A desire to be of service is central to Mia's outlook, and she counts the 3 years she spent as a volunteer at Camden Mediation Services helping local people to resolve neighborhood disputes, as some of her most valuable and rewarding learning.

Unquestionably though, Mia views the four month period spent in India studying with Sri K Pattabhi Jois the founding father of Ashtanga Yoga and the first ten day silent retreat she embarked on in Nepal, as equal catalysts into the approach which has positioned Mia as one the UK’s most in demand and unique global facilitators;

“Refreshingly honest and highly intelligent, Mia has an unshakeable calm confidence and soothing presence and does not hesitate to hold her own, even with me!” Sir Stirling Moss OBE, former racing driver, Stirling Moss Ltd.

Born to an English/Scottish mother and Turkish father, Mia's parents separated when she was three years old. Disconnected from her part Turkish heritage, she admits to having felt British as a child despite not looking particularly British. As an adult an exploration of her own identity ensued. Having worked, studied and lived in six different countries, she describes the experience as both "enriching and destabilizing" feeling a stranger everywhere, until her self-development studies enabled her to peel back the layers of her identity and "find home" within herself.

Today, yoga and meditation are embedded in Mia's life. She returns to a silent retreat annually and meditates daily. It is this commitment to the practice of helping individuals to run their thoughts rather than having their thoughts run them and find peace, that has inspired Mia to share the meditation and yoga learning that has aided her own development both personally and professionally. Having trained with the Institute of Integrative Nutrition in New York and some of the world’s leading international yoga teachers to become a certified health coach, mindfulness and yoga teacher, the six week online mindfulness programme ( launches Monday 2nd January 2017.

Today, as a Partner in a value driven, remote law firm, ( with increasing demand from organisations and businesses both in the UK and internationally for her expert blend of mediation and facilitation, it is clear that in an increasingly fractious society Mia’s skillset is more necessary than ever;

"We live in a driven society and sometimes forget the importance of the simple things, like getting to know each other as people before we begin to have serious conversations about emotive topics. How we have conversations is as important as the topics we talk about. I want to support people in having great conversations – whatever their views and resolving their conflicts while improving lives instead of destroying them."

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