Michelle Wentworth

Clean Eating, Messy Parenting. I am intolerant of wheat, lactose and my kids.

I'm an Intolerant Mum of 2, Daughter aged 7 and Small Boy, aged 2. I'm intolerant of wheat, lactose and my kids. That means I try to cook ' clean' (I hate that phrase), sugar free, wheat free, lactose free and unprocessed where possible. I can't do much about my child intolerance, but chanting "I must be more patient" and drinking wine seems to help. When not attempting to eat clean, you will find me sneaking the occasional biscuit or devouring a take away with my steak-addict husband and I am known to bribe my children with ice cream on a regular basis. I blog about the trials and tribulations of parenting, clean eating successes and failures and my favourite recipes.

October 21, 2017
October 21, 2017

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