Mike Harris

Campaign director, Don't Spy On Us; freedom of expression campaigner and Labour councillor in Lewisham

Mike Harris is the Campaign Director of Don't Spy On Us. Mike was behind the advocacy for the Libel Reform Campaign that saw the campaign secure 3 election manifestos from the UK’s main political parties, 60,000 supporters and achieve parliamentary legislation in the Defamation Act, that has significantly improved freedom of expression. He has run high profile campaigns on human rights violations in Belarus, Azerbaijan, worked on digital rights issues including internet governance and is the author of a number of reports including The EU and freedom of expression; Burma: Freedom of Expression in Transition and a contributor to Palgrave Macmillan’s forthcoming book Media Law and Ethics in the 21st Century.

He has worked behind the scenes on investigative journalism into political corruption for the Sunday Times and the Daily Telegraph. Previously, he was Head of Advocacy at Index on Censorship, worked in Parliament for two Labour MPs, and was Director of an anti-extremism think-tank. In May 2010, he was elected as a Councillor in Lewisham Central, one of the most diverse communities anywhere on earth, in South-East London.