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Ronald Sens

EMEA Director, A10 Networks

Ronald Sens is the Director of EMEA Marketing for A10 Networks. He is a passionate B2B Technology Leader & Marketeer with 20+ years of ICT industry experience in multiple International Marketing disciplines.

Call Security! Cyber Defence Lags Behind In Retail

It's a familiar sight - the uniformed security guard patrolling the store on the lookout for shoplifters, ready to spring into action to stop thieves from getting away with the goods. Retailers have long known the value of proactive security to prevent loss and act as a deterrent in the real world
17/10/2017 13:57 BST

Differing Attitudes In Europe To App Security

Many of us Brits like to think we are different to our continental neighbours. There are plenty of things that point to us being unique and our mobile habits seem to back this up. Research shows that us Brits really do think differently to our European counterparts.
26/09/2017 16:44 BST

Staying Safe And Secure In The Cloud

The increased penalties which will be fines for groups of companies of up to €20m or 4% of annual worldwide turnover, whichever is greater - should focus the minds of executives on the challenges of implementing robust cyber defences, but too often this is not the case. Many companies still seem to be unprepared for this important upcoming legislation.
01/08/2017 15:47 BST