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Mike Judge

Head of Communications at The Christian Institute

Mike Judge is Head of Communications at The Christian Institute. He has written opinion pieces for the Independent, the Daily Mail, and the Daily Telegraph. Born in Glasgow, but raised in Yorkshire, Mike became a committed Christian at the age of 19 just as he began studying journalism at university. He now lives in the North East with his South African wife and is trying to learn Afrikaans with mixed success.

Gay Marriage in Scotland and the Gap Between Politicians and the Public

When the Scottish Parliament was instituted, it was supposed to give the Scottish public a voice. It was supposed to reflect the will of the nation. But, in actual fact, it simply reflects the will of the political elite. No wonder so many Scots are skeptical about full independence.
22/11/2013 14:32 GMT

I Know I'm an Annoying Nuisance, But Should It Be a Crime?

You might also think I'm a bit of a nuisance. But surely annoyance and nuisance isn't a police matter. Well, it's about to be. The Government is introducing a sweeping new anti-social behaviour law, with a very low threshold indeed. It's one of those threats to free speech which unites fierce opponents (even you and me).
13/11/2013 11:58 GMT

Told You So: Church 'Sued' Over Gay Marriage, and BBC Cheers Polyamory

The ink is not yet dry on David Cameron's gay marriage Bill and already two stories in the news this week show that the Bill's critics have been proved right. A wealthy gay couple say they "have launched" legal action to force gay weddings on the Church of England; and the BBC is cheerleading for polyamory (mutiple-partner relationships).
28/08/2013 14:52 BST

Sinister New Case Shows Marriage McCarthyism Is Up and Running

The witch-hunt against people who dare to disagree with gay marriage is well underway, even though the legislation has yet to clear parliament. Put aside for a moment whether you agree or disagree with gay marriage, surely no sensible person wants this sort of 'marriage McCarthyism' in an open democratic society.
23/06/2013 21:37 BST

The Forgotten Bullying of the Registrar Who Dared to Believe in Marriage

They unilaterally designated her to be a civil partnership registrar without her consent, even though they knew this would put her in the impossible situation of choosing between her faith and her job. She told her employer that officiating at same-sex civil partnerships would conflict with her sincerely held religious beliefs.
31/05/2013 17:34 BST

Cameron Isn't Redefining Marriage, He's Wrecking It

There can no longer be any doubt, this Bill wrecks marriage. Labour's amendment, scrawled on a dog-eared scrap of paper and hastily tabled in the Commons at the eleventh hour. The Bill to wreck marriage has social liberals giddy with delight.
23/05/2013 17:39 BST

Cameron's 'Disco Dad' Push for Gay Marriage

When dads hit the dance floor trying to be hip and trendy, everyone else cringes with embarrassment. It's the same with David Cameron's modernising push for gay marriage. A new poll of LGBT people reveals that almost two thirds flinch at his motives. He's trying to look hip and trendy, but he just looks fake and phoney.
03/02/2013 22:26 GMT

Atheist Teacher Dismissed Over Refusal to Conduct Religious Assembly in School

An atheist teacher has been fired from a state school because he asked not to be involved in organising religious assemblies. The school said it respected his atheist beliefs, and he was free to exercise those beliefs in his own time, but he cannot pick and chose which school activities he will get involved in.
27/01/2013 23:42 GMT

Christians Win Right to Wear Cross, but Not to Believe in Marriage

Yes, there are a variety of beliefs about marriage in society. Yes, there are people on all sides of the gay marriage debate. But should your beliefs about that issue result in you being pushed out of your job? Should your career be abruptly ended because you think marriage is only for men and women?
15/01/2013 16:33 GMT

Christian B&B Was Right Not to Give a Gay Couple a Double Bed

I back Susanne Wilkinson, the Christian who runs a B&B from her family home in Berkshire. She believes in the importance of marriage and so she doesn't want to give double beds to unmarried couples. She's trying to be true to her beliefs.
25/10/2012 17:04 BST