Mohadesa Najumi

Writer, social scientist and Neuroscience enthusiast

Mohadesa Najumi is a British writer and existential thinker based in London. Mohadesa received her BA in Politics & History from the University of Westminster, London and she studied for her MSc in Political Science & International Relations at the University of Amsterdam. Mohadesa's research concerns geo-politics, democracy, governance, social change, globalisation and secularism. Her specialisation is in direct democracy, specifically in Venezuela, as well as in Neuro-linguistic programming (NLP) which she is exploring through practical, mental re-designing methods. A prominent woman's rights blogger whose work been published across the globe, Mohadesa's infamous 'validation' quote has been shared internationally by scholars, governments and artists alike. Mohadesa's personal research lies in cultural anthropology, neuroscience, existentialist philosophy and social psychology. She is currently writing a book on personal development. Contact her on