Mohammed Ansar

Political and Social Commentator

Mohammed is a political and social commentator regularly appearing on television and radio.

You can find him on Twitter ( @MoAnsar), Facebook ( MohammedAnsarUK) or contact him via his personal site.

He is a public speaker and visiting lecturer on Islamophobia, Islam in contemporary Britain and theology. Mohammed has worked on a local and national level tackling extremism and delivering programs on strategic communications and community engagement. A civil rights activist and legal advocate, he works across a variety of sectors in the fields of education, equalities and interfaith.

​Mohammed has appeared on BBC1's Sunday Morning Live, The Big Questions and Politics Show. He commentates on local, national and commercial radio - Radio 4’s Any Questions, Sunday Programme, Beyond Belief, Daily Thoughts, Faith Dialogues and The Asian Network. He is also a regular contributor and guest on LBC Radio and BBC 5 Live. He has been interviewed for Sky News, ITV, CNN, ITN, Reuters, Al Jazeera, RTL, BFTV, Australia Ten and many other news outlets.

Mohammed has a popular blog called ‘Ansar’s on a Postcard’ and is an avid Tweeter.